About us

History of college

HUSPOL Academy Ltd. continues in the tradition and follows the first private college in Moravia, which started its activities in 1999 on the basis of state approval for the operation of a private college, issued by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and the accreditation of its study fields.

Focus of the private college

HUSPOL Academy Ltd. is a private non-university type of college. It implements educational, creative and research activities that reflect the development trends of the areas in which it has accredited its study programs. The university provides further education in the form of lifelong learning, implements cooperation with domestic and foreign universities, scientific and research institutions or public administration bodies. The long-term goal of our school is also to be a full-fledged part of civil society.

Mission and vision of the private college

The vision of the college in the long-term run is to provide vocational education at an adequate level of state and public universities and colleges, to be included as a valid and full member of the Czech university system of universities and colleges, with an emphasis on a balance of cooperation and competitiveness, both at the national and international level.

The mission of the college is not only to provide and implement study programs aimed at training university-educated professionals in bachelor’s and master’s degrees, but also a broader social mission to concentrate, support and develop regional educational, awareness and professional cooperation between various civil society actors across age, social and ethnic groups.

The college continues its own publishing activities. The college publishes a peer-reviewed scientific journal Acta Moraviae. The journal focuses on the publication of scientific (professional) articles presenting the results of basic and applied research of domestic and foreign experts in the field of social and natural sciences, security, information and industrial technologies, cynology. The journal is prepared for the publication of original author’s contributions. It is published twice a year in electronic form.

Our team

The college takes care of the selection of academic and non-academic staff with the necessary competencies and abilities to further development. It reflects the diverse profiles of employees’ professional activities and appreciates their expertise, not only in educational and creative activities, but also in other activities necessary for the operation and development of the college.

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