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Collective monograph - Deliktology

Many issues related to legal liability for misconduct are addressed differently in different countries. The same act may be considered by different authorities in different countries in different procedural orders. Jurisdiction also falls into different government departments: executive or judicial. The implementation of documents, procedures, etc. also varies. This collective monograph is devoted to the study of issues related to legal liability for criminal offenses. The study is intended for a wide range of readers who are interested in delinquent science - torts: judges, lawyers, prosecutors, lawyers, students and law school cadets. The monograph "Delictology" was published with the help of the non-governmental organization "European Institute of Postgraduate Education" (Kiev, Ukraine).

Delictology – Volume 6
Delictology – Volume 5
Delictology – Volume 4
Delictology – Volume 3
Delictology – Volume 2
Delictology – Volume 1

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