This program is designed for practitioners who manage enterprise information systems, PC technologies and networks.

The program is very useful for graduate specialists or for bachelors who are not currently considering a master’s degree studies but are interested in constant improving of themselves.

Length of study:

12 months

Form of study:

online, full-time education

Study schedule

  • Knowledge sharing and management in the company
  • Business information systems
  • Operating system
  • Internet and mobile technologies
  • Cyber protection of the company
  • Computer networks
  • Software engineering
  • Database systems
  • Cyber protection of the company
  • Internet of things, Artificial intelligence, Business information systems
  • Final seminar

Study goals

The aim of the study is to develop comprehensive knowledge of IT specialists in business and institutional practice. The study helps to improve the management of design and development of business information systems, knowledge and information sharing, widespread use of artificial intelligence and creative management systems of business departments and activities.

Benefits of study

Pump up your career

  • Acquisition of new professional knowledge and skills and their targeted focus on the area of interest.
  • Teaching using modern teaching methods with the latest technology.
  • Obtaining a prestigious MSc. professional title under AAHEA USA Accreditation.
  • Access to a wide range of educational materials and further study support.
  • Improving the labour market position.

doc. Ing. Dalibor Bartoněk, CSc.

program guarantor

Advantages of studying

The study of managerial educational programs provides, in addition to education itself, a large number of other benefits that will facilitate the study itself, but also its use in professional practice.

  • Online study.
  • Free study materials.
  • An MSc. is a tax-deductible expense.
  • Effective study in just one year.
  • Wide range of focus.
  • A flexible form that allows you to combine study and employment.

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