The LLM - Environmental Law study program is a professionally oriented study focused on the area of environmental law with an overlap into individual areas of environmental protection. The graduate’s profile is based on a common part of the study consisting of the subjects of environmental law in the Czech Republic, European environmental law, international environmental law and the basics of ecology.

During the study, the graduate also focuses on individual biocenoses and their interconnection. He thus acquires comprehensive knowledge not only in the field of law itself, but he is able to understand the ecosystem as an interconnected whole.

Length of study:

12 months

Form of study:

online, full-time education

Study schedule

  • Environmental law - general part
  • Environmental law - a special part
  • Ecology and nature protection
  • Fundamentals of European Union law (compulsory for students from outside the EU)
  • Basics of pedology - soil science
  • Basics of hydrology - water science
  • Basics of dendrology - forest science
  • Basics of meteorology and climatology
  • Environment of cities and populated areas

Benefits of study

Pump up your career

  • Acquisition of new professional knowledge and skills and their targeted focus on the area of interest.
  • Teaching using modern teaching methods with the latest technology.
  • Obtaining a prestigious LLM professional title under AAHEA USA Accreditation.
  • Access to a wide range of educational materials and further study support.
  • Improving the labour market position.

Mgr. Kamil Červinka

program guarantor

Advantages of studying

The study of LLM programs provides, in addition to education itself, a large number of other benefits that will facilitate the study itself, but also its use in professional practice.

  • Online study.
  • Free study materials.
  • A LLM is a tax-deductible expense.
  • Effective study in just one and a half years.
  • Wide range of focus.
  • A flexible form that allows you to combine study and employment.

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