The study program Teaching Assistants Studies is intended for employees with at least basic education who are interested in obtaining a professional qualification for the profession of a teaching assistant according to § 20 of Act No. 563/2004 Coll., On pedagogical staff and amending certain acts, as amended. The study is adapted to the Czech legal environment.

The qualification study is realized within the Further Education of Pedagogical Staff.

Length of study

12 months

Form of study

weekend full-time

Accreditation of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports

Study contentand prerequisites for study

Total number of hours: 126 hours, of which 40 hours of practice

The educational program consists of five thematic areas

  • School, school work and the role of a teaching assistant
  • Pupil support
  • Pupil care system
  • Pedagogical-psychological and cultural specifics in the work of a teaching assistant
  • Practice and consultation for the final work

Graduates of this educational program will receive a certificate of pedagogical competence, which entitles them to pedagogical activities related to the areas of activity of the teaching assistant.

Graduates of this educational program with basic education will obtain a qualification to perform direct pedagogical activities consisting of auxiliary educational work at school, in a school facility for hobby education, in a school educational and accommodation facility, in a school facility for institutional or protective education, or in a school facility for preventive educational care.

Graduates of this educational program with secondary education will gain a qualification to perform direct pedagogical activities in the classroom where children or pupils with special educational needs are educated, or in a school providing education for children and pupils in the form of individual integration.

Benefitsof study

  • acquisition of new process knowledge and skills
  • use of case studies in teaching and practical knowledge from practice
  • weekend tuition (does not extend to the working week),
  • tuition fees can be paid by the employer under DVPP (=Further Education of Pedagogical Staff)

Mgr. Zbyněk Andrýsek

program guarantor

of study

  • Completing an online application form with a certified proof of education attached
  • classes are held in person twice a month at the weekends
  • the study is completed by a final exam in key subjects and the defence of the final thesis
  • upon successful completion of the study, the graduate will receive a certificate


Admission fee

CZK 450

Tuition fee monthly

CZK 950

Final exam fee

CZK 2,490

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