The Human Protection in Emergency Situations program is intended for primary and secondary school leaders, primary and secondary school teachers and educators, who will use the acquired knowledge to ensure the protection of pupils and school staff and to develop their skills to deal with emergencies.

The qualification study is realized within the DVPP (= Further Education of Pedagogical Staff). The study is adapted to the Czech legal environment.

Length of study:

12 months

Form of study:

weekend full-time

Accreditation of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports

Tuition fee

CZK 13,800

Study schedule

Total number of hours: 140 teaching hours

  • Current issues of state administration and crisis management
  • General principles of solving emergency and crisis situations
  • Basics of cartography and topography
  • Current issues of internal security and public order
  • Crisis management
  • Psychology of crisis situations
  • Training in crisis situations
  • Population protection
  • Integrated rescue system
  • Fire protection
  • Training in map manipulation
  • History and present of civil protection
  • Crisis legislation
  • Psychology of communication
  • Behavior in crisis situations
  • Disaster medicine
  • Management of the organization in conditions of risk
  • Fire protection

Learning goals:

Graduates of this educational program will acquire basic knowledge and skills in legislation to protect people in emergencies, ways to warn the population, protection of people in emergencies, first aid, health care, traffic education, crisis management, evacuation methods, integrated rescue system, fire protection, emergency calls, basic identification of the foreign environment, the importance of the armed forces in a democratic society and crisis communication. The acquired knowledge will be able to fully use in the process of education in the field of military education in the environment of primary and secondary schools.

The educational program Human Protection in Emergency Situations will end with a final exam. The final exam consists of an oral and a practical part.

Course of study

  • filling in the online application + attachments to the application (curriculum vitae, certified proof of education),
  • classes are held in person once a month at the weekends,
  • classes are held in person once a month at the weekends,
  • upon successful completion of the study, the graduate will receive a certificate.

Mgr. Pavel Polián

program guarantor

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